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007 Special Issue 2020 Seven Kilo Gold Proof Coin

The 007 James Bond Collection from the Royal Mint

'The 007 James Bond Collection of gold and silver proof coins from the Royal Mint celebrates the iconic British spy in advance of the next film in the series, No Time to Die.'

In March 2020, the Royal Mint announced the 007 James Bond Collection ahead of the release of the latest movie in the long-running Bond franchise, No Time to Die (postponed to 2021). Showcasing the collection is an ultra limited edition of one, 7kg, £7,000 gold proof coin, the largest ever issued by the Royal Mint in denomination and size (illustrated above; photo: The Royal Mint, 2020).

The Special Issue limited editions were produced using a combination of traditional minting techniques and state-of-the-art CNC machine engraving, the result hand-polished by craftsmen to the highest quality finish.

The Royal Mint design

Royal Mint designer Laura Clancy has placed the Aston Martin DB5 in the centre of the coin with a gun barrel surround, together with its signature number plate BMT 216A. ‘This is a project that has involved a team of people to deliver the product and taken lots of hours to develop,’ says Laura, a huge fan of the Bond films. ‘The opportunity to design and make coins to celebrate James Bond is a career high.’ The Special Issue limited edition series was also minted in 2 kilo gold, 1 kilo gold and 5oz gold and silver editions.

The 007 James Bond Three Coin Series

The collection also features the Three Coin Series, which displays the ‘007’ motif when they are placed in sequence together. This is an official licensed product from EON Productions and Danjaq, and designed by Matt Dent and Christian Davies. The three designs aptly capture the quintessentially British spy through the gadgets, glamour, and imagery of the classic movies.

Commemorative proof coins

The Royal Mint’s commemorative coin series such as this collection are uncirculated, ensuring that they remain in mint state. Although gold and silver proof coins are produced using the same method as circulating coins, they are struck multiple times with greater force to give further definition and enhance the details in the design, allowing a higher aesthetic value and increasing their collector value. Due to the extra time it takes to produce proof coins, the mintage is usually limited, so many collectors are eager to add these to their collection, proving the coin to be worth far more than its face value over time.

In this 007 James Bond Collection, the modern designs created by its dedicated creators is a draw to many. Enriched features such as the frosted finish, micro-text engravings and hidden messages follow the mystique and excitement of espionage, with its special packaging further adding to its appeal as a gift or collectible item. With this aesthetic appeal and future potential, this collection could appeal to a seasoned collector or to those who are beginning their collecting journey.

The first coin shows the side-shot of the iconic Aston Martin DB5, the second shows the submarine car ‘Wet Nelly’, from the film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), and the third pays homage to Bond’s legendary dinner jacket. Top of the Three Coin Series is the Inspired Innovation line, featuring the 25 Bond film titles engraved in micro-text within the 007 design, further revealing a hidden message inside that reads ‘No Time to Die’. The Three Coin Series is minted in 2oz gold, 1oz gold and silver, quarter-ounce gold, and half-ounce silver.