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Building a Portfolio

Gold coins - a new asset for your portfolio

Gold coins offer an alternative investment and hedge against volatility and political instability. They are also collectable and beautiful physical assets with stories to tell. Building on our unrivalled insight into market trends, pricing and demand, The Coin Cabinet’s investment portfolios offer a bespoke service to suit each client’s interests, budget, investment horizon and risk profile.

We focus on British and Commonwealth gold coins — primarily sovereigns as well as historical, modern and world coins. We’re also the leading auction house for Royal Mint collections and modern proofs.


A Bespoke Investment

Our initial discussion will focus on your understanding of risk and return, and knowledge of and interest in coins, followed by an explanation of how we arrive at valuations. We will also look at the price of gold, our understanding of its future in the medium- to long-term, and how this influences the marketplace for coins.

We can provide strategic recommendations across asset classes — from Royal Mint modern proofs to semi-numismatic and rare coins — and manage each step of building a portfolio, monitoring its progress and liquidation.

Based on the investment proposed, we will produce a break-down of recommended assets much like an an equity portfolio, showing associated risks and potential returns. Our investment portfolios generally focus on the longer-term, underpinned by our monthly sales data.

Our regular monthly and specialist auctions offer a powerful insight into coin prices and the direction of the market. Past auctions are an incredible repository for buying trends.”

Invest with Confidence


The Coin Cabinet is a member of the world's leading numismatic associations, the BNTA and the IAPN

A tailored approach

Bespoke portfolios to align with a client’s budget, risk profile and investment horizon

Clear valuations

Our investment portfolios use only third party-graded coins that can be tracked on the market

Tax-efficient investing

Investment gold is free from UK VAT, and unlike bullion bars and gold ETFs, British gold coins are exempt from capital gains tax

Net zero transaction charge

Investment coins are bought off-market, using a three-sale price average plus 3% discount


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